FAQs [Read carefully]

Posted on: July 2, 2012

1. Q: How can I order?
–   A: Kindly send an order form for us to have a clean and clear transaction.

2. Q: Would I receive any invoice or an order confirmation from you?
–   A: Yes, 1-2days after you’ve sent.

3. Q: I’ll pay tomorrow, can I know your payment details?
–   A: Payment details would be sent together with the invoice.

4. Q: If I order an preordered item(s) when will I get it?
–   A: 2-3 weeks after the cut-off date.

5. Q: If I order an onhand item(s), when will you ship it?
–   A: 1-3 days after you have sent your payment. But this will still vary on my schedule.

6. Q: Do you accept downpayments?
–   A: Yes but you must pay the remaining balance within the cut0ff date. Otherwise we will cancel and refund your order(s)

7. Q: Can I cancel my order(s)? Because my mother didn’t allow me to order/ Because I’m going to use my money for personal and important stuffs/ Because my friend or my sister already ordered me to other shop/ Because my money is not enough/ etc
–   A: NO! A BIG NO NO! =) Any reason would not be valid for us. You ordered and you MUST pay for it. Also we have already ordered it to our supplier..

8. Q: I’ll order this this and this. Will I have a discount?
–   A: Yes, but you must order atleast 3 items and up for avail our discounts. Different discounts and freebies applied depending the number of your orders.

1. Q: What are your payment methods?
–   A: G-Cash, LBC Pera Padala (Pick-up Branch), Western Union

2. Q: Does any of that have remittance charge? What is the most cheapest?
–   A: Yes. But it will vary on how much money you will remit. Gcash is the most cheapest among the three.

3. Q: Can I pay thru meetups?
–   A: Uhmm sad to say no. All payments should be settle before the schedule date for meetups.

4. Q: How long do I have to pay for my ordered item(s)?
–   A: If you ordered an item from the preorder, you can pay on or before the schedule COD (Cut of Date) of the current batch. While if an onhand item, one week is the maximum period for you to pay for it. Or else we will sell it to others.

5. Q: If I didnn’t pay the item that I ordered, what will happen?
–   A: We would simply post you as one of our bogus buyers and block you also 😉 You will be posted in our group for legit sellers for what have you done for them to be alert and never entertain you.

7. Q: I have sent my payment yesterday, what’s next?
–   A: Send an confirmation of payment (COP) form, or else you payment is not valid. Then wait =)

1. Q: How much is the shipping fee?
–   A: Shipping fee would depend on your location.

2. Q: I’m from Malaysia, do you ship here?
–   A: Yes we do. Anywhere we ship 🙂 But shipping would be expensive because it’s international.

3. Q: How much is my total with the shipping fee?
– A: Shipping fees will be paid once your item(s) have arrived to PH and ready to ship to your houses.

4. Q: Can I just pick up my order(s) in our nearest branch?
–   A: Yup, just indicate it in the shipping address in our order form

5. Q:What are your shipping couriers?
–   A: Mostly AIR21 specially for albums and other light stuffs. For tubed poster or album+tubed poster we use LBC. DHL or EMS for international order(s)

6. Q: Can I ship my poster(s) with tube? How much is the tube and shipping?
–   A: Tube’ prices would depend on the quality of the tube itself, we have different kinds of tubes. Hard cardboard from Korea (P80), blue plastic tube (P80) and hard green cardboard tube (P150) from our local bookstores. Shipping starts from P250 up to P280 for album+poster or poster only.

7. Q: Can I ship my poster(s) without tube?
–   A: Yes you may, but couriers here would definitely fold it because they don’t accept untubed posters.

1. Q: Do you accept meetups?
–   A: Yes. Here’s our meetup points

2. Q: Would it have any meet-up or handling fees?
–   A: Yes. Fees’ ranges P30-P50 for the first 1kilo (1-2 albums) HF would increase if the items are 3pcs and up and more than 1kilo. Handling fees is for the labor and transportion fee of the staff assigned. Group meetups only, atleast 3 persons per scheduled meetup.

3. Q: When will I pay the fee?
–   A: On the meetup day itself.

4. Q: Can I order album+poster with tube and get it through meetups?
–   A: Yes. But still additional payments for the tube and meetup fee is applied. Fee may increase depending on your item(s)’ weights.

1. Q: Do you accept resellers?
–   A: Yes. Inform us immediately so we can add you to the group of the interested resellers, pricelist are posted there for you to decide if you’re still going to pursue to be our reseller.

2. Q: What is your example prices from Resellers’ and Regular Price’?
–   A: Usually for albums, our price is P150 off from the regular or selling price.


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