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MBLAQ 5th Mini Album Sexy Beat – PHP 700
BAP Recording Take 3 Photobook (Limited Edition) – PHP 1500
SJM Henry 1st Mini Album Trap – PHP 700
Sistar Give it to me – PHP 850
AfterSchool First Love – PHP 700
Rainbow Rainbow Syndrome (Part 2) – PHP 700
Exo Xoxo (Kiss Version + poster) – PHP 850
Exo Xoxo (Hug Version + poster) – PHP 850
Exo Xoxo (Kiss Version + 5 posters) – PHP 1200
Exo Xoxo (Hug Version + 5 posters) – PHP 1200
Exo Xoxo (Kiss, Hug Version + 3 posters) – PHP 1450
Bigbang Alive Galaxy Tour Live CD 2013 (LE) – PHP 1000
Shinhwa The Classic (LE) – PHP 1550
Shinhwa The Classic (Thanks Edition) – PHP 950
2PM Grown (Version A + poster) – PHP 850
2PM Grown (Version A + 6posters) – PHP 1150
2PM Grown (Version B + poster) – PHP 850
2PM Grown (Version B + 7posters) – PHP 1150
4Minute Name is 4minute – PHP 700
4Minute Name is 4minute + 5 posters – PHP 1000
Teentop Angel box (LE) – PHP 1450
B1A4 What’s Happening – PHP 750
Bigbang 1st Photograph Collection (EO20’s Repackage) – PHP 1900
Asta TV + Style June 2013 (Ft Exo and 2PM) – PHP 700
Ceci Magazine June 2013 – PHP 700

*Availability of the posters is limited only.
ETA: JULY 15 – 23, 2013.


1. Q: How can I order?
–   A: Kindly send an order form for us to have a clean and clear transaction.

2. Q: Would I receive any invoice or an order confirmation from you?
–   A: Yes, 1-2days after you’ve sent.

3. Q: I’ll pay tomorrow, can I know your payment details?
–   A: Payment details would be sent together with the invoice.

4. Q: If I order an preordered item(s) when will I get it?
–   A: 2-3 weeks after the cut-off date.

5. Q: If I order an onhand item(s), when will you ship it?
–   A: 1-3 days after you have sent your payment. But this will still vary on my schedule.

6. Q: Do you accept downpayments?
–   A: Yes but you must pay the remaining balance within the cut0ff date. Otherwise we will cancel and refund your order(s)

7. Q: Can I cancel my order(s)? Because my mother didn’t allow me to order/ Because I’m going to use my money for personal and important stuffs/ Because my friend or my sister already ordered me to other shop/ Because my money is not enough/ etc
–   A: NO! A BIG NO NO! =) Any reason would not be valid for us. You ordered and you MUST pay for it. Also we have already ordered it to our supplier..

8. Q: I’ll order this this and this. Will I have a discount?
–   A: Yes, but you must order atleast 3 items and up for avail our discounts. Different discounts and freebies applied depending the number of your orders.

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For single item

  • Metro Manila and Quezon City: P100
  • Luzon and Visayas: P110 -150
  • Mindanao: P150 – 200

For combined 2-3 items

  • Metro Manila and Quezon City: P120
  • Luzon and Visayas: P110 -150
  • Mindanao: P150 – 200

For combined 4 items and up

  • Metro Manila and Quezon City: P180
  • Luzon and Visayas: P150 -200
  • Mindanao: P200 – 300

Posters or orders with posters can be shipped separately or not

if without poster tube (folded)(combined with the other items)

if with poster tube (rolled)(shipped separately)(via LBC)

  • Nationwide: P150

Poster tube costs depending on the poster size, we have different kinds of poster tubes like

  • plastic blue tube: P80
  • hard tube case: P120-150

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"Indulging your Kpop cravings~ "

Korean-Seoul Goodies (KSG) or also Known as K-Seoul Goodies — is a Kpop Online Shop that is based in the Philippines; sells different kinds of Korean-Pop Official Merchandises from South Korea, Japan, and even China. Local and International buyers are both welcome here because we do ship your order/s in any part of the world. =)
[Gratifying since 11/12/2011]